Flipnote Studio 3D

So far, all the new features advertised on flipnote studio 3D are luring me into saving up for a 3DS. Three new colors, an adjustable rotating and shrinking/enlargening option, and a few other convenient features. I wouldn't be able to test it out on a DSi or 3DS, but how does a flipnote's resolution change from 3DS (or DSi) when viewed on an XL? Wouldn't a 3DS (or DSi) flipnote have a poorer resolution on an XL? Not sure how it works. Also, will there be a way for flipnotes from the DSi to be opened on an SD card to be edited on 3DS? My concern is whether both softwares use different types of files, then it could not work.

I've read (it may just be rumors) that Japan users are heavily using the online servers and it is difficult to add in another. However, I don't understand why the software can't be released to the US now, while the online community would be delayed. Hopefully there will be a release soon, it makes me wonder why Nintendo keeps changing the release date- first it's the begginning of summer, then the end of august, and now it's TBD (to be determined). I really miss flipnote hatena, even though I posted very rarely, it was so inspiring to see other creator's flipnotes.